About ArtWalk

ArtWalk Building Stats and Information
Located at SmartVMC (Jane/Hwy 7)
Number of Storeys: 38
Total Number of Suites: 368
Coming to Vaughan in September

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Coming Soon to Vaughan

Coming in September, ArtWalk is a condominium featuring 38 storeys and a total of 368 suites, located in SmartVMC at Jane and Hwy 7. These beautiful units are staring in the $500's. This area is surrounded by multiple transit options, an abundance of lifestyle amenities, a new 9 acre central park, and many more vibrant neighbourhood amenities. ArtWalk Condos is coming to a mixed use community, with VMC Subway Station and York Region Bus hub at your doorstep. 




The Heart of Vaughan

As the heart of Vaughan, ArtWalk Condos is in a growing downtown community with a variety of local and brand names, lifestyle amenities, daily necessities, and many major attractions. Such attractions include Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre and Canada's Wonderland. Everything needed and desired can be only one step away from your next home! 



A Seamless Transportation Experience

ArtWalk Condos is at the perfect location, offering a multitude of transportation options conveniently to their residents. Daily commutes will be found easy with access to many transit options, including VMC transit hub, which allows commuters to access different bus routes and even the TTC subway. With the VMC, York Region, VIVA, and Brampton Transit Zum routes are all easily accessible. With such routes, commuters can also access the subway to Union Station. With such easy transportation options provided, many popular attractions and malls are only a ride away!


Highways 400, 407, and 7, are all closely located to ArtWalk, allowing drivers to quickly get to their destinations. With your own vehicle, residents are able to reach Downtown Toronto within 30 minutes when driving!



A Family-Friendly Environment

Being within a family-friendly community, ArtWalk is right next to the home of a new 9 acre central park. This urban space is built right in the centre of the city of Vaughan, providing residents and pedestrians with a natural oasis and open space to play activities, enjoy strolls, ride bikes, and more.



COMING SOON!    Register today to learn more.


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